Our Mission

is to Create wealth, for all Grovers, by harnessing the opportunities of a secure, decentralized digital currency in an environmentally conscious way. By compensating nature for years of abuse, Grove will create a healthier, wealthier future for all.


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GroveCoin BEP-20: 0xf33893de6eb6ae9a67442e066ae9abd228f5290c
LPToken BEP-20: 0x96fef7f7d5a2302bdd116d47e010689adc1cbce6
GroveCoin ERC-20: 0xf33893de6eb6ae9a67442e066ae9abd228f5290c
LPToken ERC-20: 0x0cae0494ae80d62a5a5843734c40f999d138f035

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Grove is a community-driven token. We are always happy to get your feedback and act on it if needed.Feel free to contact us with any issues or if you want to collaborate to make a better tomorrow!
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