For a Healthier And Wealthier Future.

Road Map

- Green energy contribution
- Hydroponic Farming
- Renewable Energy Partnerships  ✅
- Donations ✅
- Exchange listing  ✅
- ERC-20 Launch

Q2 2022

Q3 2022

- Royal Partnership
- Major advertising events
- Solar panels for Residential
- Major Exchange listing
- Play to Earn teaser ✅

- GroveKeeper ( Wallet )
- Staking
- Farming  ✅
- Lending
- Bridge
- GroveSwap

Q4 2022

Q1 2023

- GroveBlockchain
-  GroveCreditCards
- GroveC ( GroveCoin )
- Residential Aeroponic and Solar farming ( online store )

- GroveHQ
- GroveX ( eXchange )
- GroveM ( NFT Marketplace )
- Launchpad
- Grove NFT collection
- NFT Partnerships

Q2 2023

Q4 2023

- Achieve 100+ projects listed on GroveSwap
- Play to Earn Trailer
- GroveVillas
- GroveConstruct ( Grove Construction Company )

- Achieve 100+ projects built on GroveBlockchain
- GroveFranchise stores
- GroveX ( to reach Top 50 eXchanges )
- Virtual solar farming

Q1 2024

Q3 2024

- GroveHotel
- GroveIT services
- GroveFarm
- Commercial solar farming

- GroveTower
- GroveMetaverse

Q4 2025


RoadMap and timelines are just an indication of what we are trying and willing to achieve. Items and timelines are subject to change without notice due to various factors.

Meet the Team

We are a team of professionals, the best in our fields. We have a combination of over one hundred years in retail, business, P&L, accounting, and management—thirty years in marketing, app development, and graphic design. With a team of over 50 members who are leaders in their respective fields, we will be working tirelessly to make Grove one of the best Token in the market with an initial RoadMap that will extend beyond two years.

John Ghemrawi

Chief executive officer

Master in Telecommunication Engineering. Highly experienced and driven Retail Business Leader, passionate about building and developing teams and achieving exceptional business outcomes. Over five years of experience in the crypto world.

Carlo Di Clemente

Chief Operating Officer

Business leader with over 30 years experience in retail operations, national product development, marketing, and large format Retail Franchise Director. Passionate about people and creating outstanding Customer Experiences organically leading to outstanding business success.

Nouha Elmasri

Chief Marketing Officer

Marketing and content development leader with over seven years experience in B2B and B2C marketing, public relations, content creation and community engagement. Passionate about empowering and supporting teams to think innovatively and deliver outstanding results.

How it works

Passive Income

3% of every transaction will be redistributed to our holders.By holding Grove, you will notice the number of tokens increases daily.

Anti whale System

Anti-whales system to prevent chart manipulation and protect investors, no one can hold more than 500T grove. Holders can't sell more than 10T of the total token at once. Holders can only sell once every 6 hours.

Buy back wallet

1% of every transaction will be sent to a buy-back wallet. The wallet will be activated manually to stabilize the price when needed.

Auto liquidity

1% of every transaction will be added to liquidity automatically to facilitate trade on Pancake Swap.

Auto burn

2% of every transaction is burned ( taken out of circulation ), which will reduce supply.


3% of every transaction will be reinvested back into the natural world, marketing and increasing the team of professionals delivering growth and token sustainability.

Play To Earn

A game that will allow players to earn Grove tokens as a reward during gameplay. We are planning partnerships with major game developers for the above.

Staking Pool

Staking will be available to all holders through our wallet, multiplying their earning beyond reflections.


The first green wallet, designed and created by professionals to securely hold and protect your investment, users will be able to buy and sell using their grove tokens with minimal fees applied, plus of course, the ability to stake to earn extra passive income.

on sell

and transfers on swaps only and excludes exchanges.

Buy Back
Total Tax

on buy

on swaps only excludes exchanges.

Buy Back
Total Tax

How to Invest

Where To Invest

Max Sell amount is 10T Grove Every 6 hour "exclude exchanges"
Make sure to review and understand Tokenomics before investing.


GroveKeeper will combine style, innovation, and security to give our investors a wallet like no other that provides peace of mind knowing their tokens are insured. It also provides a unique Grove NFT market and added PayPass ability to Grove credit cards.

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Our Partner

We're honoured to announce an official partnership between GroveToken business and a member of the Royal Family of Dubai


What is GroveTokens Mission?  

What is Grovetoken's utility? 

What are the Tokenomics? 

When did Grove Launch? 

How is Grovetoken a Greentoken? Why is it considered eco-friendly? 

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Grove is a community-driven token. We are always happy to get your feedback and act on it if needed.Feel free to contact us with any issues or if you want to collaborate to make a better tomorrow!
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